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A site built for fun in the capture and creation of photos. Practice targets of pets at home and farm animals visiting my parent’s ranch. The photos show a pet grieving the loss of another pet and fun photos of a star kitty showing off for the camera.     

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 Taking the picture's is the easy part transforming them into website photo's is or can be hard work and a masterpiece is worth the trouble.



Candy Cane Pup Loved her Mommy and Daddy snuggle time  





Candy was four months old when I feel in love with her and brought her home. A very sweet dog I named her Candy because nothing is sweeter than candy. She was my Christmas gift from parents so I called her Candy Cane Pup. We could not ask for  a better  dog she was the neighborhood pet and loved by all. When seven and a half years old she became ill her vet saw    a lump in x-ray and sure she would recover after her surgery. The lump was a kidney turned to stone the other kidney was small and damaged too it could not function alone. Forced    to put her down two days later. Candy had a  rare mineral deficiency and needed a special diet at birth. The dog food was poison to her but nobody knew she was sick. A happy dog.

Our family left in shock and devastation.

Candy is deeply missed. 



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